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Become MCES shareholder


We open our capital to Crowdfunding! The goal? To become the European leader in amateur esports 🚀

Already a reference player in the structuring of amateur esport and a connector of the world of sports with esport, it’s time to accelerate development !

📈 Do you believe in the amazing video game industry?

🎮 Are you with us when we tell you that esports is the future of sports, education and entertainment?

Then become an MCES shareholder and we’ll take you on our Epic!

2 things to do today:
1️⃣ Click here :
2️⃣ Ask for your “Priority Access”

You will receive in priority the information of the crowdfunding operation which allows you to be a shareholder of an esport structure from 10€!


Investing is for adults only and involves financial risks. Please be aware of the Seedrs platform’s investment terms and conditions before proceeding.